During a Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 14, 1914 Board Minutes the following Resolution passed:

“All teachers in the Public School may attend Chorus Practice at Trinity College, choir practice at any of the churches and any Exercises pertaining to the school Work any night during the Week.

Any question arising in regard to the conduct of the Teachers, their privileges etc must be brought to the school Board by the Supt. and adjusted by the School Board and Superintendent.”


Note: During the Victorian era in Texas and across the United States, female school teachers were required to follow a strict code of conduct both as a teacher within the school environment and as a private citizen during non-school hours. These strict mores forbid female teachers to marry while under contract or to keep company with men other than relatives. Teachers were required to be home during the evening hours, not travel beyond the city limits nor smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or visit ice cream parlours. Teachers also had to follow strict guidelines that determined what constituted appropriate clothing and hairstyles. All teachers were expected to attend Sunday church services. Any teacher found, or suspected, of violating these standards were terminated from their jobs.

Behavior of teachers deemed “inappropriate” was brought before the Board of Trustees for consideration, as was the case on December 5, 1916 when Mrs. G.W. Johns appeared before the Board “with a complaint relative to indescreet [sic] actions of some of the teachers.” No action was taken and the meeting was adjourned.


October 14, 1914 Board Minutes