Photo of Xenia Voigt from 1929

1929 Photo of Xenia Voigt

Xenia Voigt, age near retirement

Photo of Xenia Voigt, circa 1960s

From the June 22, 1925 Board of Trustees Minutes:

Xenia Voigt was elected teacher for the 1925-26 term at a salary of $90 per month.


Xenia Voigt began her teaching career in the Stony Point school district as a first through fourth grade teacher. When the district consolidated with Round Rock ISD in 1925, Voigt was hired as a first grade teacher. Voigt also served as the principal of Northside Elementary School. Her career in teaching spanned 48 years and several generations.

On April 7, 1975, Voigt Elementary was named in her honor.

Board Minutes from 1975