Category: 1979

1979-05-10 Westwood High School named

Karl Hanner moved to name the new High School under construction in Anderson Mill Westwood High School. Sheridan Wingrove seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote. Note: During the June 14, 1979 Board of Trustees meeting, Mr. Mike Rogers addressed the board regarding changing the name of Westwood High School to R. M. Williamson High School. The board took no action leaving the name as previously adopted. School colors of orange and white were adopted on July 16,...

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1979-01-25 Norman Hall named Superintendent

On a motion and second and a unanimous vote the board awarded Dr. Norman Hall a three (3) year contract (1979-’80; 1980-’81; 1981-’82) at a salary of State-Schedule plus $12,000 per year plus auto allowances in the amount of $350 per month plus other benefits as stated in the contract. As stated in the Board Minutes, “Dr. Hall’s salary and work is to begin on July 1, 1979 with the assumption of full administrative responsibilities on July 1, 1979. Dr. Hall will begin on June 1 at the board invitation at regular...

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