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1934 graduate reflects on special teacher, football

A very special teacher I remember was Helen Booth who went to bat for Mitchell Wolf so he could graduate with our class. Mitchell was very smart, but missed a lot of school to help work on the family farm. Because of Miss Booth, Mitchell did graduate with us, and went on to be a very successful top construction foreman. One of his many success stories is the work he oversaw on the construction of Bergstrom Air Force Base that was completed in 1942.

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The story behind the first Dragon Yearbook

Dick Mayfield and I agreed that a great way to remember our fellow students’ accomplishments would be in a yearbook. RRHS had never had a yearbook. When they approached Mr. Perry, he dismissed our idea as “only a way to look at the girls’ pictures.”

Principal O.V. McDaniels originally said no to the yearbook idea, but later called us back into his office with a compromise — if we could sell $250 in ads in one hour, then we could have a yearbook.

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1947-11-14 Surplus WWII buildings purchased

The board discussed the advisability of accepting the offer of the War Assetts [sic] Administration with reference to the three buildings located at Camp Swift, Texas. The three buildings offered are; T-429 @$475, T-608 @ $66.95, and T-1447 @66.95. The latter two figures being 5% of fair value and the former 20% of fair value. The Board voted unanimously to buy the three buildings at a total cost of $588.90. E.I. Cervenka and O.F. Perry were appointed to investigate, and secure bids necessary for transportation of the buildings. T-429 to be used for Lunch Room. T-608 to be used...

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