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1947-11-14 Surplus WWII buildings purchased

The board discussed the advisability of accepting the offer of the War Assetts [sic] Administration with reference to the three buildings located at Camp Swift, Texas. The three buildings offered are; T-429 @$475, T-608 @ $66.95, and T-1447 @66.95. The latter two figures being 5% of fair value and the former 20% of fair value. The Board voted unanimously to buy the three buildings at a total cost of $588.90. E.I. Cervenka and O.F. Perry were appointed to investigate, and secure bids necessary for transportation of the buildings. T-429 to be used for Lunch Room. T-608 to be used...

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1937-05-04 Friday Night Lights!

  Lights are installed for the football field at a cost of $600 during the summer of 1937. “Report of the Football Field committee was made, and it was unanimously voted that lights be installed during the summer of 1937 and that the Board furnish $600.00 toward the project. O.F. Perry was elected to serve as head of the football committee.”   Board Minutes from...

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