Category: Board of Trustees

1972-08-17 Dress code amended for long hair

On a motion and a second by Lopez and Olson, and a split vote (Olson, Lopez and Robertson voting for; Baker and Beck voting no) the board amended the dress code to read “The hair in back may extend to the bottom of a “regular” shirt collar. The hair must be off the shoulders and must be short enough on the side so that a portion of the ear lobes...

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1966-03-24 The End of Segregation

In compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that outlawed major forms of racial discrimination, and the 1954 Supreme Court’s ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education – twelve years earlier – Round Rock ISD Trustees unanimously vote to close the Hopewell School and operate one junior high and one high school for all...

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1958-08-12 Elsa England Hired

Mr. Bergstrom made the motion to accept the resignation of Mrs Scurlock, Mary Jo Fuchs, and Mrs. Burk and to elect Mrs. Elsa England to teach grade 3 and Mrs. Tommye Slone to teach grade 6 for the 1958- ’59 school year, seconded by Ernest Johnson. Vote...

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