Photo of RRHS Band and Music Hall

Camp Swift building T-1447 purchased for $66.95

The board discussed the advisability of accepting the offer of the War Assetts [sic] Administration with reference to the three buildings located at Camp Swift, Texas.

The three buildings offered are; T-429 @$475, T-608 @ $66.95, and T-1447 @66.95. The latter two figures being 5% of fair value and the former 20% of fair value.

The Board voted unanimously to buy the three buildings at a total cost of $588.90.

E.I. Cervenka and O.F. Perry were appointed to investigate, and secure bids necessary for transportation of the buildings.

T-429 to be used for Lunch Room.
T-608 to be used for Vocational Ag. Shop.
T-1447 to be used for Band and Music Hall.


*NOTE: The Army signed a $25 million contract in January 1942 to build a training camp on 56,000 acres north of Bastrop, Texas. The contract stipulated the project was to be completed in 108 working days. 2700 buildings were built during World War II, but none of those remain on the site today. At the end of the war, they were sold or donated and relocated.

During World War II, German prisoners of war began arriving and at peak numbered 10,000. At the same time, the camp held 90,000 GIs, making it “one of the largest army training and transshipment camps in Texas.”

The 10th Mountain Division trained at Camp Swift in 1944. The 2nd Infantry Division trained there mid 1945 to early 1946. The camp also trained nurses under battlefield conditions. The camp trained some 300,000 soldiers before the war ended.
Source: Wikipedia, Camp Swift, Texas