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Enrollment history by the decade

Round Rock ISD was a small, rural school district with a student population under 1,000 students for the first sixty years of its existence. Although several smaller districts in the area consolidated with Round Rock ISD during the 1940s, a significant increase in student population did not occur since the land acquired was sparsely populated.

Former student recalls memories of Mexican School, integration and caring teachers

Also, Miss [Signe] Quick and Principal Claude Berkman didn’t tolerate bullying of Hispanic kids. Sometimes Mr. Berkman would ride the school bus to keep kids in line. He helped me understand that some people don’t see that we’re all just people. He believed that children should be taught to respect everybody.

First graduating class included WWI hero

In 1913, George Johns was a member of the first graduating class of the newly formed Round Rock ISD. Johns grew up in Round Rock on a ranch located about three miles southwest of Round Rock. After graduation, Johns enrolled in business classes at Trinity College in Round Rock and became a bookkeeper at the W.J. Walsh Limestone Company.

David Carlin recalls the challenges and rewards of a growing district

Even with all those students, the school was a close-knit family. Teachers steered and nurtured kids. We knew who was who. We had an environment where everybody had the best chance of learning. We had dedicated administrators and teachers. I remember Joe Lee Johnson and his wife, Mellownie Johnson, and Petronella McConico.

1934 graduate reflects on special teacher, football

A very special teacher I remember was Helen Booth who went to bat for Mitchell Wolf so he could graduate with our class. Mitchell was very smart, but missed a lot of school to help work on the family farm. Because of Miss Booth, Mitchell did graduate with us, and went on to be a very successful top construction foreman. One of his many success stories is the work he oversaw on the construction of Bergstrom Air Force Base that was completed in 1942.

The Legacy of Joe Lee Johnson

Joe Lee Johnson served students in Round Rock ISD for 36 years – from 1950 until his retirement in 1986 – as a principal, teacher and coach. Johnson has a long history with Round Rock ISD, first as a student at the Hopewell Negro School, and eventually serving as principal of the school through its desegregation in 1966. His wife, Mellownie also taught at the Hopewell Negro School and at Central (Berkman) Elementary School.

The story behind the first Dragon Yearbook

Dick Mayfield and I agreed that a great way to remember our fellow students’ accomplishments would be in a yearbook. RRHS had never had a yearbook. When they approached Mr. Perry, he dismissed our idea as “only a way to look at the girls’ pictures.”

Principal O.V. McDaniels originally said no to the yearbook idea, but later called us back into his office with a compromise — if we could sell $250 in ads in one hour, then we could have a yearbook.

1987-07-20 Administration building enacts new smoking rules

A memorandum was released on July 20, 1987  by Deputy Superintendent Alice Brown to all administration building employees regarding a new smoking policy. "On June 8, 1987, the Board approved a policy regarding smoking in buildings. This is Board Policy CKD (Local),...

Board of Trustees member list

G.W. Johns 1913-1914W.G. Weber 1913-1919 1920-1923S.L. Landrum 1913-1922A.K. Anderson 1913-1915J.A. Nelson 1913-?W.A. Gantt 1913-1914 1915-1921E.M. Black 1913-1916J.N. Wright 1913-1920Jack Jordan 1914-1917 1920-1924O.L. Carroll 1915-1918G.O. Noble 1916-1920...

1952-11-05 The effects of the Baby Boom

The Baby Boom is beginning to be felt in Round Rock ISD. District enrollment reaches 692 students (390 1st – 6th graders and 302 7th – 12th graders), and Trustees acknowledge overcrowding in the elementary school building. "The Enrollment Report by Mr. Perry was...

List of Superintendents

M.G. York - 1913-1914 T.A. Ferguson - 1914-1915 L.J. Waggoner - 1915-1915 W.H. Emert - 1915-1915 J.E. Cook - 1915-1916 J.T. Shaver - 1916-1918 W.E. Cantrell - 1918-1921 W.R. Woolsey - 1921-1924 C.E. Brown - 1924-1925 George B. Hatley - 1925-1926 Ed A. Gay - 1926-1929...

Caldwell Heights School

Caldwell Heights School was located in a small rural community north of Round Rock, one mile east of IH35 on Chandler Road (University Boulevard) also called Caldwell Heights Lane. The only original structure still standing in the once thriving farming and ranching...

History of Schools

September 1914 – A three story building opens on Anderson Avenue on the current site of Berkman Elementary. It houses white students in all grades.September 1914 – "Colored School" opens for African-American students. The school is housed in space leased from a local...

1925-06-22 Xenia Voigt hired

From the June 22, 1925 Board of Trustees Minutes: Xenia Voigt was elected teacher for the 1925-26 term at a salary of $90 per month.   Xenia Voigt began her teaching career in the Stony Point school district as a first through fourth grade teacher. When the...

1979-05-10 Westwood High School named

Karl Hanner moved to name the new High School under construction in Anderson Mill Westwood High School. Sheridan Wingrove seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote. Note: During the June 14, 1979 Board of Trustees meeting, Mr. Mike Rogers addressed the board...

1972-08-17 Dress code amended for long hair

On a motion and a second by Lopez and Olson, and a split vote (Olson, Lopez and Robertson voting for; Baker and Beck voting no) the board amended the dress code to read "The hair in back may extend to the bottom of a "regular" shirt collar. The hair must be off the...

1970-07-01 C.D. Fulkes retires

C.D. Fulkes retires after 20 years with Round Rock ISD, including 13 years as principal of Round Rock High School. C.D. Fulkes Middle School is named in his honor. From Board Minutes, April 10, 1970 Mr. C. D. Fulkes asked the board to release him from his contract as...

1966-03-24 The End of Segregation

In compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that outlawed major forms of racial discrimination, and the 1954 Supreme Court's ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education - twelve years earlier - Round Rock ISD Trustees unanimously vote to close the Hopewell School and...

1958-08-12 Elsa England Hired

Mr. Bergstrom made the motion to accept the resignation of Mrs Scurlock, Mary Jo Fuchs, and Mrs. Burk and to elect Mrs. Elsa England to teach grade 3 and Mrs. Tommye Slone to teach grade 6 for the 1958- '59 school year, seconded by Ernest Johnson. Vote carried.

1947-11-14 Surplus WWII buildings purchased

The board discussed the advisability of accepting the offer of the War Assetts [sic] Administration with reference to the three buildings located at Camp Swift, Texas. The three buildings offered are; T-429 @$475, T-608 @ $66.95, and T-1447 @66.95. The latter two...

1937-05-04 Friday Night Lights!

  Lights are installed for the football field at a cost of $600 during the summer of 1937. "Report of the Football Field committee was made, and it was unanimously voted that lights be installed during the summer of 1937 and that the Board furnish $600.00 toward...