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Board of Trustees member list

G.W. Johns 1913-1914 W.G. Weber 1913-1919 1920-1923 S.L. Landrum 1913-1922 A.K. Anderson 1913-1915 W.A. Gantt 1913-1914 1915-1921 E.M. Black 1913-1916 J.N. Wright 1913-1920 Jack Jordan 1914-1917 1920-1924 O.L. Carroll 1915-1918 G.O. Noble 1916-1920 1923-1923 H.L. Stockbridge 1918-1920 O.L. Brady 1919-1924 1932-1935 C.T. Cochran 1920-1920 C.D. Anderson 1921-1923 W.J. Walsh 1921-1939 Claude Hester 1921-1921 1923-1929 B.H. Allen 1922-1926 C.A. Forsman 1923-1924 W.E. Henna 1924-1931 H.N. Egger 1924-1926 Fred Olson 1924-1932 R.M. Crimm 1924-1929 J.T. Hutto 1926-1932 H.D. Gode 1926-1930 D.B. Gregg 1929-1943 L.W. Ross 1929-1937 A.H. Kaufman 1931-1944 Helmer Johnson 1932-1952 Rev. Theo Krienke 1932-1954 O.J. Carlson 1935-1937 Dick Mayfield...

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1930-06-03 C.O. Britt named Superintendent

During the June 3, 1930 Board of Trustees meeting, “Mr. Britt was elected superintendent for the 1930-1931 school year at a salary of $2200.00.” The February 7, 1939 Minutes reported that Board President Rev. Krienke asked Mr. Britt to resign as Superintendent honoring an agreement made during September 1938.       Board Minutes from 1930 Board Minutes from...

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1931-05-19 Goodbye coal, hello bathrooms

Trustees approve installation of gas heat in the school building, and direct that the coal bin be converted into a girls’ restroom. The existing toilets for boys were to receive individual flush bowls. Note: The Board voted to connect the “Mexican School” to the sewer system during their April 2, 1940 meeting. A discussion regarding connecting the “Negro School” to the sewer line took place during the January 5, 1943 meeting, but no action was taken. Nearly seven years later, during the December 6, 1949 meeting, the Board voted to provide natural gas and running water to the “Negro...

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1979-05-10 Westwood High School named

Karl Hanner moved to name the new High School under construction in Anderson Mill Westwood High School. Sheridan Wingrove seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote. Note: During the June 14, 1979 Board of Trustees meeting, Mr. Mike Rogers addressed the board regarding changing the name of Westwood High School to R. M. Williamson High School. The board took no action leaving the name as previously adopted. School colors of orange and white were adopted on July 16,...

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1979-01-25 Norman Hall named Superintendent

On a motion and second and a unanimous vote the board awarded Dr. Norman Hall a three (3) year contract (1979-’80; 1980-’81; 1981-’82) at a salary of State-Schedule plus $12,000 per year plus auto allowances in the amount of $350 per month plus other benefits as stated in the contract. As stated in the Board Minutes, “Dr. Hall’s salary and work is to begin on July 1, 1979 with the assumption of full administrative responsibilities on July 1, 1979. Dr. Hall will begin on June 1 at the board invitation at regular...

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